Sherko Ismael

Sherko Ismael

Programe Manager, Asiacell Telicomunication, OG

Currently employed at Asiacell Telicomunication, OG

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    Curriculum Vitae SHERKO BABA ALI ISMAEL A. Personal Data: First Name : SHERKO Middle Name : BABA ALI Last Name : ISMAEL Place of Birth : Sulaymaniyah Date of Birth : 01/08/1971 Nationality : Iraqi/ Kurdish Gender : Male Marital Status : Married / have three children Address : Sulaymaniyah / Baranan Telephone : 07701105788 or 07701195788 E-mail address : or Passport : G- type LinkedIn: Field data: • Visiting most of the districts in Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Dahuk , Dyala Governorates. • Good information about most of the Cites, districts, sub-districts and villages in the entire Iraq. • Making survey and collecting data. B. Education: 1. University: Salahadeen University, college of Science, Physics department. 2. High School: Roshinbir Preparatory School for Boys C. Summary of Professional Skills and/or Expertise: 1. Expertise: • Project management. • Geo-Marketing • Marketing and sales • Administrative work. • finance • Supervision. • Monitoring. • Data analysing • Planning. • Field work. 2. Credentials or Professional Training Relevant to Expertise: Course Title’s Place Date MS Word Future Knowledge 1997 MS Excel Future Knowledge 1997 MS Access YAO 2001 GPS UNOPS-JHIC 2003 Fire Extinguisher UNOPS- JHIC 2003 Security UNOPS- JHIC 2003 Survey UNOPS- JHIC 2003 Geo-Marketing Asiacell 2005 MS Excel advance Asiacell 2005 MapInfo Asiacell 2005 GSM Asiacell 2005 MapInfo (advance) Asiacell 2006 PMP Asiacell 2008 Primavera Asiacell 2008 GSM fundamental advance Asiacell 2008 PMP Asiacell 2012 3. Computer Skills: Good Knowledge in using (MS-DOS, Ms Word, Ms excel, MS Access, MS Project, Power Point, Photo Shop, Primavera, MapInfo and Google Earth) 4. Equipments Skills: Good knowledge in using: • Using GPS.(way point, mapping) • Using special Sagem handset. (reading capacity of the site in providing coverage, site ID, …etc) • VHF radio and call signs. • Computer MS (Programme and System), Photoshop, MapInfo and Google Earth. • Fax and Telecommunication system. • Handset Equipments. • Internet and Web page. • Photocopy and Laser Printers. • Scanner and projector. • Multi-media equipments. Summary of Relevant Work Experience: 1. Job Title: Programme Manager (Technology department) : (from August 2008 to be continuo) (Asiacell mobile phone Company-Technology department- Technology Project Management TPM) General Duties & Responsibilities: • Project Management • Plan, monitor, control and report on given projects • Arrange for meeting, to be attended by stakeholder representatives, chair, setting action points, follow up and to hold a Project Closure Meeting to bring the project to a clean end this is to identify and action any outstanding items • For the out sourced projects , handle overall the project need, (RFI, RFP, RFQ, LOI, proposal evaluation track changes , vendor selection , PO, Payment term, documentation, PIP and close) • Identifies, develops & presents Project Management & Implementation methodologies to Asiacell Staff. Make recommend


Programe Manager

At Asiacell Telicomunication, OG

From August 2008 to Present

Geomarketing Senior Supervisor

At Marketing Department

From December 2004 to July 2008
(Marketing Department): ( from December 2004 -July 2008 ) (Asiacell mobile phone Company-Marketing department-Strategy and Analysis section) General Duties & Responsibilities: In the beginning: * Yearly forecast interim of Market share , Market expansion and network coverage expansion ...
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At RTI International

From March 2004 to November 2004
General Duties & Responsibilities: * Facilitating democratic dialogue among people in Sulaymaniyah Governorate. * Preparing reports about the procedure and the activities to Section Leader every day. * Preparing general report about the regions we make the democratic dialogue. ...
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At RTI International

From January 2004 to March 2004
General Duties &Responsibilities: * Survey civil society organization about NGO activities, staff, administrative boards, places, funded ; * Having a very good contact with the NGO-CSOs. ;

Coordinator & translator


From November 2003 to January 2004
The world wide language resource was a contractor to provide local translators to support USA Army for re-establishing the new Iraqi army, my mane duty was to coordinate between the translators and the USA sergeants in addition to my work as translator

Survey Area Team Leader


From July 2002 to November 2003
* 1. Job Title: UNOPS-JHIC ``Survey Area Team Leader'': General Duties &Responsibilities: * Helping Survey Support Assistant in our satellite office. * Checking every form performed in the field (WWW table, RDS, SDP and RAP) and every urgent task whenever required. * ...
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From May 2000 to June 2002
General Duties &Responsibilities: Working as monitor with FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), my duties was preparing and distributing water to the livestock's of several villages by FAO truck, as I was supervising one person (truck driver) in the movement, taking full and making daily...
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At Handicap International

From July 1999 to April 2000
General Duties & Responsibilities: I worked as an interpreter with handicap International. I was responsible for translating all official documents and interpreting for the expatriates in the fields. * 1. Languages:

Salahadeen University, Erbil

Salahadeen University

From October 1990 to July 1995
2. High School: Roshinbir Preparatory School for Boys * 1. Summary of Professional Skills and/or Expertise: * 1. Expertise: * Project management. * Geo-Marketing * Marketing and sales * Administrative work. * finance * Supervision. * Monitoring. ;


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